Phoenix & Arctica (4th Wall)

The blog's page header

Phoenix and Arctica is a newer blog with little to no posts. It features 2 OCs; Phoenix, the black and red pyromaniac pegasus, and Arctica, the smaller, white and blue pacifist. The ponies are siblings, even though they are the opposite of one another. Questions submitted are normally answered as Phoenix, but the creator sometimes answers all questions as Arctica for a period of time. One can tell which one will be answering by the colors on the page. If it is mostly black, Phoenix will be answering, and if it is cyan, Arctica will.

Since the creator has no real art experience, he uses generalzoi's Pony Creator. Sometimes, pictures posted on Tumblr will appear on his DeviantART page, along with his fanfiction covers that he may or may not talk about in his blog. He currently posts his own pictures, rather than answers to questions. There is not much more known about the creator or his OCs, so there is nothing more to tell.

One of his earlier posts

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