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Pastel Lollipop Pie

Pastel Lollipop Pie is a young unicorn filly who is a year older than the CMC. Her blog started in August 2011 and has 700 followers. Her special talent is drawing and she got her cutie mark when she hit 500 followers. Pastel is very self-obsessed, claiming she is always the best pony and every one should follow her. She is a very happy-go-lucky pony, always having a smile on her face. Unlike most ponies, she doesn't like hugs and will refuse any offer for one. Pastel also hates getting her mane wet. Pastel hates the idea she may be related to Pinkie Pie because of their matching last names and will try to dissociate herself from the pink pony at any oppurtunity.
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Pastel and her best friend Shakes

Pastel Pie has three younger sisters who sometimes get mentions on her blog. Their names are Shrill Note Pie, Sunny Petals Pie and Chocolate Cloak Pie.

Shrill Note is the oldest of her three sisters and is a year younger than the CMC. Her special talent is playing the flute and she got her cutie mark before Pastel.

Sunny Petals is a sweet little unicorn pony who is very loyal to her older sisters and always follows the rules, but if a loophole appears she will take advantage of it.

Chocolate Cloak is the youngest and like her three older sisters, is not a unicorn. Chocolate is very deceptive and sadistic. Chocolate has a crush on the pegasus pony Rapid Twister from the blog

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