Out of Work Derpy
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Out of Work Derpy tumblr
Owner Out of Work Derpy Mod
Blog type Ask, Roleplay, Story, Comedic, Feels
Status Active
Date Created February 2013
Main Character(s) Derpy, Dinky

Out of Work Derpy! is a look at the real life in the world of Equestria from the eyes of Ditsy Doo. After getting fired from the award winning TV show, My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic , due to an unintentional backlash involving her fan-given stage name, Derpy now struggles as a young single mother trying to find a job.   

What to ExpectEdit

Unlike a regular ask blog, Out of Work Derpy encourages followers and visitors to send job asks, in which Derpy can attempt to make some money doing odd jobs, sometimes involving herself with other ask blogs in the process.  Her track record doesn't always lead to alot of sucess and often can cause property damage !  Regualar asks are still welcome, answered, and greatly appreciated!  

There are currently crossovers with other blogs, and future hopes for crossovers or special guests from other blogs in the future of Out of Work Derpy.  

Although the main focus of the blog is comedy, Derpys struggles can and will at times be emotional .  

If you want to get started at the beginning, feel free to click HERE and read the main posts in cronological order!

About the ModeratorEdit

Out of Work Derpy Mod started this blog simply to force himself to start drawing again. That and he had the idea and wanted to run with it.  His goals have been to improve his art, make some brony friends online and have fun.  So far he feels that he has been doing a good job at obtaining these goals!  ^_^ 

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