Ask Soft Step
One and a Half Horsepower tumblr
Owner The Pony's Mod
Blog type Ask
Status Active
Date Created May 2013
Main Character(s) Soft Step

One and a Half Horsepower (or simply Ask Soft Step) is a Tumblrpon ask blog featuring Soft Step. It is run by llimus (aka Bunneh) from her moderator blog, theponysmod. The blog follows the daily life of Step, a perky, young, unusual Earth Pony who has six legs and a big heart.

Askalton is also run by the same moderator.

Soft StepEdit

Soft Step (Step for short) is a very kind-hearted, down-to-earth pony. He cares a lot about others, but also cares a lot about what others think. He's a blank flank still and lives near both Ponyville and Everfree, but not too close to Ponyville as to avoid "scaring the fillies and colts" as he puts it.

Story ArcEdit

There have been no indications of any plans for an original story arc for this blog.



Beck Hoof, Soft Step's mother

Mother: Beck HoofEdit

A well-to-do tennis/badminton earth pony, Beck's cutie mark is a badminton racquet and birdie. She is a very kind, loving pony from Canterlot who would care for anypony she'd meet. Her coat is a bright blue with freckles on her cheeks and her mane is light yellow.

Her name is a play on “backhand” (as in a backhand swing).


Slate Step, Soft Step's father

Father: Slate Step

Slate is a large unicorn. He's well-built due to all the hard work he's done over the years and his horn is broken because of a loading accident. He's an all-purpose worker, but what he really enjoys is gardening & landscaping. Slate's cutie mark is a pair of shears, his coat is a burgrundy red, and his mane is a dark brown.

Beck & Slate met one day when she was visiting her family's country club and he was working the grounds. They started talking and were instantly interested in one another, eventually dating and getting married before trying for children.


No recorded friends, yet!


This is a short section for small fun-facts about the character, Step, and the blog itself.


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