Not so loney doctor
Not so loney doctor
Not so loney doctor tumblr
Owner phillipfga
Blog type Ask/Parody/Crossover
Status Unknown
Date Created Unknown
Main Character(s) "Doktur" "Darby"
Supporting Character(s) Fake reboots, "Virus Doctor".
Connected With Ask Doctor Whooves Blog, the fake reboot blogs

The blog started off as an intentionally poorly made parody of the many Doctor Whooves blogs on tumblr, however the mod made a couple of fake reboots, most notable of which was a giraffe version of The Doctor.

The mod then posted a rant of how he didn't like the many poorly written Doctor Whooves blogs out there. The blog went on a hiatus until a certain post from Ask Discord Whooves was reacted to.

Virus DoctorEdit

The "Virus Doctor" from Ask Doctor Whooves Blog later corrupted "Doktur" and the fake reboot versions of him, even after those blogs were supposed to have been ended. Outside of a reblog, the blog has since been inactive.

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