Pony form



Nightsong is the daughter of Tiffany Ryu and Sithmane and the sister of Toby, Shywriter, and Ari.

She loves Star Trek and her cutie mark shows it, though she is a talented singer. She does have eye problems but her eye color is red.

Her gear power has not come out yet.


A few years after she was born, she watched her brother leave. Saddened, she stayed in her room for weeks at a time. The only thing that dragged her out was watching TV with her father.

One day, she saw an old episode of Star Trek and immediately fell in love.

When her younger sister, Shywriter was born, she became a little jealous but she got over it.

Eventually, she found a Darkrai with Amnesia and adopted him.


She has a gear but her power has not come out yet...(Go suggest ideas!)

She also has two forms as well.


Human form.


Pokemon form

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