Nightmare Night 2012
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Nightmare Night 2012 tumblr
Owner Auroran

All are welcome! Just follow the original blog to attend!

Pony, Griffin, Dragon, OC or canon, come and join your fellow tumblr bronies in celebration of Nightmare Night, with a community event designed to bring the Tumblr Brony community closer together!

Schedule (subject to change):Edit

From October 15thEdit

- Submit your character(s) in their Nightmare Night costumes to the Nightmare Night 2012 blog. Be original! Shadowbolts are great and all, but there may be 50 other people with the same idea!

From October 20thEdit

- Submit pictures of your character enjoying the festivities of Nightmare Night! Midnight feasts, trick or treating or even pulling off pranks!

- Commence Trick or Treating; Visit the other Blogs participating in the event and drop them an ask, either using the traditional "Trick or Treat!" or the ponified version "Nightmare night, what a fright, give us something sweet to bite!"

Use this opportunity to find and follow blogs you may have not noticed before and help get newer member's follower counts up, or even compete with your friends to get the most 'candy'!

From October 31stEdit

- Offerings to Nightmare Moon;

No Nightmare Night would be complete without the candy offerings to Nightmare Moon! To end the event on a good note, throughout the event I will ask for suggestions for a charity to start a donation pool for! The link will be posted on the main page, so check there to be safe instead of clicking links from re-blogs.

Please note, should you not wish to donate at the end of the event, that is fine with us! But hopefully we can raise some ammount however small for people in need, every little helps :) For more info see:

  • As of this message the event is still proceeding and unfolding.  Follow the story by looking at the link above. NewSeniorGenius (talk) 21:20, December 11, 2012 (UTC)

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