Nightmare Mint
Ask Nightmare Mint is a role-playing blog about a Pegasus-stallion named Nightmare Mint: who is currently living in Ponyville as a successful musician. Nightmare's blog mainly follows the events of his everyday life.


Nightmare Mint was never one for work. However, it was clear to him that work was something that would follow him throughout life.


Since he was a little foal, Mint had always been fascinated in musical art; much less than the older, more classical genres: Nightmare had preferred music like black metal, punk rock, symphonic metal and many other similar genres. He had also claimed that he could produce great, original music straight from his mind. This had led to the receiving of his cutie-mark.


Although the culinary arts had never really been his true passion. However, he did spend his early years helping his parents run their diner. This had also led to him becoming greatly skilled in his short-lived culinary career.


Musical Note
Nightmare's cutie-mark is a semiquaver with nearly inconspicuous lighting details.


Mint had received his cutie-mark on the night of his friend's birthday party. Nightmare's friend had been quite aware of his musical skills and came to a decision: hiring him to perform at the party. It was that night, Mint had performed his first piece of musical art that had concluded with an unnatural, destructive explosion of light and sound: which Nightmare had called "The Light-Scream". Which had earned him his cutie-mark.

Mint (although aware of its destructive power) still performs the Light-Scream, but only on special occasions.

Move to PonyvilleEdit

Nightmare had moved to Ponyville after it had been recommended to him as a destination to grow his musical career. He had thought that once he pushes himself up the charts, he would move back to his hometown. This plan had failed once Mint had began to settle in the town. This had led to the writing of the letter to his parents, informing them that he would be staying in Ponyville.

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