Ask Nebula Portal Pie
I bet you'd taste amazing as a cupcake...or perhaps you'd like to become something else?
Nebula Portal Pie tumblr
Blog type Ask, sfw (May become NSFW), grimdark, okay art style
Status Active
Date Created July 15th 2013
Main Character(s) Nebula Portal Pie and Pinkamena Dianne Pie
This blog is a sort of odd one that I made in 2013. It is still going and I try to pay full attention to it. This blog was made for a roleplay character of mine who, for a while, I quite enjoyed using. After viewing audio reads of Ask Princess Molestia and Question Pinkamena, I decided I should try my hand at this whole Tumblr thing.  When I began, I could not draw so the first few posts were made by a friend of mine and when she left, I stopped for a while to practice drawing ponies before picking up the blog again and am still accepting some help. Now, with all of that outta the way, let's delve into the blog shall we?

This blog follows a functioning psycopath (Possibly sociopath) going by the name of Nebula Portal Pie, professional murderer with his sister Pinkamena Dianne Pie as his partner-in-crime. They have a small workplace/safehouse somewhere in Ponyvile that they like to keep secret and I am not willing to divulge such information here and it's totally not because I didn't write the exact location anywhere. Even though he answers questions, don't expect a straightforward or fully truthful answer. There is, at the time of this wiki page, no story but I am open to a story arc or two. 

  1. Things I think you guys should know:
  2. Nebula has a British accent
  3. Sorry to disapoint some, but he's an alicorn
  4. Pinkamena is his sister
  5. He's instinctually sarcastic most of the time

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