Mutant Pie
Mutant Pie tumblr
Owner Rilee Bruce

Blog type Asl/RP
Date Created Once upon a time..
Main Character(s) Mutant Pie
Supporting Character(s) Berry Punch

Portals Suck.

Mutant Pie was sitting around being lazy when a Magic Portal Appears. She falls through and on comes out the other side as a Mutant. (Crowd Gasps) She goes to the smartest Person she knows.....Berry Punch. She actually Knows alot about this sorta stuff! Anyway Berry Punch looks for a cure online, and it says the cure a spell. They go too Twilight Sparkle for help but she is shocked!

Wil she preform the Spell on her know Mutantised friend? Or will she chicken out and run away?                               Find out next time the mod has enough motivation to update the story. In the meantime, asksome questions!

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