Used in her update ft. Stalkerloo

This blog was origanally called "Ask discorded Lyra" which was changed by the creator and in her words "As much as I love Discorded lyra I kind of want to make it cuter… I love cute art and all the dark colors are making me sick…".

The original post was deleted in the change over so there is not start date currently.

Story Thus FarEdit

So far this current part of the blog has just done a blog post with the tumblr famous Stalkerloo since she did the change over themes.

She is said to currently be cooking up a story.

About the ArtistEdit

The artist is also known as Rainbow chocobo, Night Flash, or even her real name, Kagome. She is a 20 year old artist in training whoms birthday will fall on the 14th of July. She is seemed to be good friends with the author of Stalkerloo seeing as she had drawen his character from his graphic novel and is frequently in his livestreams as of recently. Acording to her he even showed her ponies in this first place a year ago on his livestream before he started stalkerloo.

Voice ActingEdit

She is not just an artist but also a voice actress whom currently has a part in a few projects voiceing mainly Applejack and sometimes Fluttershy. Her youtube channel is TheDinoGiraffe and it is currently uploaded with audtitions and there is some news of her covering mlp songs, singing some for others, and doing her own thing.

Deviant ArtEdit

She seems new to tumblr, only popping up a few months ago when she started Ask Night Flash (which was recently changing into her mod blog), but has been on DA for what seems like awhile from her Page.

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