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Millennium Celestia
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Status Active
Date Created March 2012
Main Character(s) Princess Celestia

Millennium Celestia, or Millcel is a role-play/ask blog themed to Princess Celestia, who has been exiled to the Sun. Her current goal is to make friends on the tumblr. She is unaware of how she ended up on the Sun, but she remembers some sort of jealousy with her sister Luna, but does not remember what she last said to her before she was banished to the Sun. It is shown that she misses "Mr. Moo Moo", her favorite toy "in the whole wide world" as she is stuck up on the Sun, and that she enjoys watching her home planet from it.

The posts consist of the tumblr admin posting replies to questions sent in, accompanied by a drawing of Princess Celestia in an original style, or posting her own images unrelated to any question. The question relating to the image is simply cropped onto the image.

Millcel example

An example of a Millcel post

The background of the tumblr is a space theme from deviantART. The blog is currently open to questions to be asked.

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