MLP: 4KOMAGIC tumblr
Owner Shepherd0821
Blog type Art / Personal
Status Active
Date Created August 2012
Main Character(s) Mane 6

MLP: 4KOMAGIC (also known as MLP 4koma or 4-koma) is an art Tumblr owned by shepherd0821, concentrating on anthro versions of the Mane 6 and other characters in short comics.

The key feature of the blog is the titular 4-koma: "four-cell manga" strips (starting in the top right and read vertically) which present entertaining slice-of-life episodes from Equestria. They are, quite frankly, hilarious. The 4-koma are also joined by other artworks, generally one-shot drawings based on the same anthro characters. All of the MLP content can also be viewed chronologically (not that the order is very important!).

The more SFW pieces of shepherd0821's artwork are available on his deviantART profile. Expect to still see saucy poses, but nothing too explicit.


In short, all of the characters have their usual personalities, albeit exaggerated for humour purposes. Expect to see Twilight getting hung up on every minor detail, Applejack inserting the word "apple" anywhere it can fit and quite a few places it can't, Pinkie Pie breaking every law of physics, magic, and common sense, and Celestia leaning towards the Trollestia and Molestia personas. And there's a fair amount of Appledash and Rainbow Pie shipping in there too, in case you wondered.

What's up with Fluttershy's... Er, you know...Edit

Equality does not mean justice. Luckily for us, Equestria is a reality full of justice, and as a result, the quiet, meek and above all self-contained Fluttershy has the honour of being, well... not very self-contained. As a result, certain parts of her anatomy are large enough to bend space-time, or at the very least escape from comic panels.

Of course, such things would never happen on a respectable external wiki like this.

Important Story ArcsEdit

Hahaha! No.

Daft Story ArcsEdit

The only two sets of comics to have any major relevance to each other are Episode 0: ~First Day in Ponyville~ (which is in manga style, but not 4koma) and the, er, Talking Candy story (Prologue, Main Strips).

Of course, considering either one to be canon to the blog would probably be very silly.


The English 4koma on shepherd0821's Tumblr are in fact authorised translations of the originals, written in Chinese. The present translation team is called "Retired Pyramid Head Scanlations". The people in the team are Draco Runan and AzureRat (Nezumi) in translations, TheUselessToe (Sebychu) as proofreader, and Zackfig (kittizak) heading the team as typesetter, dialogue localization and editor. They're doing a great job! 

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