Lumey and Light Answer
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Lumey and Light Answer tumblr
Blog type Ask, Art, Story
Status Active
Date Created July 10th, 2012
Main Character(s) Luminance (Lumey)

Blacklight (Light)

Lumey and Light Answer is a weekly, semi story based, question answering blog. The blog follows main characters Lumey, a short bright haired, glow-in-the-dark pegasus and Light, the book reading purple unicorn. The storylines are often short lived, existing for only comedic escapism rather then holding onto a story line for a prolonged amount of time.


Pony characters Lumey and Light are close friends who have an assortment of mostly domestic adventures while answering questions along the way.


Main CharactersEdit


LumeyANDlight 001

Lumey in a taxi.


Luminance "Lumey" is a gray pegasus stallion. He idolizes the Wonderbolts with childlike aspirations. Lumey's extrovertive personality can be best described as sporatic and impulsive.


Lumey's starburst like cutie mark reflects his ability to leave behind a trail of colored light while in flight. These streaks of light are often used to create auroras in the night sky. As a side effect of his cutie mark, Lumey's mane and tail glow in the dark.


LumeyANDlight 002

Light casting a purple flame onto a rock.


Blacklight "Light" is a purple unicorn stallion. Instead of being in the action, Light enjoys reading and would rather have a day to himself then being in crowds. Light is an introvertive realist. His personality is more down to earth when compaired to his pegasus friend Lumey and would instead experience through observation rather than to be part of things.


Light's curious lanturn like cutie mark reflects his ability to cast a temporary, nonflamable, purple flame upon objects for light. The duration of the flame can vary depending on the object, however natural objects and earthen rocks hold the best flame for the longest amount of time.

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