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(LtR) Lady Bits, Lazy Bones, Far Flung (above), Lazy Day, Bumble, Jump Scare, and Skerp.

The following is a list of Lazymod's ponies and aliases. ==

The Ponies (In order of creation):Edit

  1. Lazy Day - Amatur DJ - Pegasus Mare
  2. Bumble - Courier - Pegasus Mare
  3. Skerp - Inventor - Unicorn Stallion
  4. Lazy Bones - Daredevil - Pegasus Stallion
  5. Far Flung - Spacepony - Unicorn Mare
  6. Lady Bits - Whore/Companion/Stripper - Earth Pony Mare
  7. Jump Scare - Special FX Spellsmith - Unicorn Stallion
  8. Faux - Fence - Unicorn Mare
  9. Pas - Fence - Unicorn Stallion

Non-Pony MLP CharactersEdit

  1. Briar - Member of the Elite Guard - Peryton Buck
  2. Alayna - ??? - Female Gryphon

Ref sheets for all of Lazymod's ponies can be found here .

Lazymod can be contacted via ask on tumblr, note on deviantart, or email (

Commissions are currently open.

Lazymod also goes by:Edit

tuffghost, zariplz, Aubry (RL name), bumblebutt, lazybutt, magicmemo, and uglynotepad.

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