Lazy Day is a pegasus mare who idolizes DJ-PON3 (Vinyl Scratch) and hopes to become a DJ herself.

She's had a few gigs and they seemed to go well, however, it would seem that DJing/Music making is not her special talent as her cutie-mark has yet to appear.

Lazy Day is in a D/s relationship with AU!TuhPinkAvenger.


Lazy has a habit of breaking the fourth wall during roleplay, while harmless, these antics (such as appearing 'off screen' or looking pointedly at the muns/mods) very often lead to her friends thinking her a bit insane.

Lazy Day has a twin brother, Lazy Bones - Their relationship is alright, although they aren't particularly close.

Lazy Day lives up to her name in many respects, most notably in the way she almost always sleeps in or lazes around until midafternoon. Fortunately, this does not inpede her progress towards DJ stardom. (HAH)

She currently lives in a treehouse just outside the everfree forest, south of Sweet Apple Acres. She used to live in Ponyville proper, but her loud music was too much of a nuisence.

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