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Jan. 7th, 2012 (Restarted Jun. 30)




Drawn Ask/Story Blog

Primary Character

Lantern Shine

Character Type

Original Character




Everfree Forest

Mod Blog


The resident anti-social scaredypony of the Everfree Forest, Lantern Shine.

Blog TypeEdit

Ask Lantern is a drawn ask pony blog, in which the character answers questions asked of it by other tumblr members.


The blog takes place in the present day, entirely in the deepest part of the Everfree Forest. So far, the character has never once ventured outside the forest, or even to it's outskirts. The entirely of the blog has taken place in the deepest part.


Lantern Shine is a timid, yet strong-willed pink pony, a bit feminine in pose and appearance, living in the Everfree Forest's heart. He is terrified of just about anything, being jumpy and nervous yet he insists on staying as a guide and rescue effort because according to him, he "knows the area better than anypony." He has heavy self-confidence issues and is often easily disheartened and intimidated. However, he possesses a very strong sense of duty and has often overcome these shortcomings to ensure the safety of others.

Cutie MarkEdit

Lantern's cutie mark is an archaic lantern with a pair of white,spread wings on either side. This is in tune with his method of scouting and leading other creatures to safety, flying through the sky with his signature lantern in his mouth. It symbolizes a guiding light through danger into a safer land.

Art StyleEdit

All art created by the mod done entirely through Paint Tool SAI and a Genius tablet. A full 6-panel sequence takes roughly 4 hours from start to finish.


The moderator of Ask Lantern is Nidoranity, a little-known pony artist who is mostly found on a Skype account of the same name. He has a DeviantArt that is never updated as well.

Community EventsEdit

None to speak of so far.

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