Just Ask Flutterguy
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Just Ask Flutterguy tumblr
Status Deleted
Main Character(s) Flutterguy
Connected With Fluttershy

 Just Ask Flutterguy (originally at is a pony blog run by damaximos, a.k.a. Robert Downey Jr.'s grandson.

Just Ask Flutterguy features a male version of Fluttershy with eyebrows and stubble.

Flutterguy is Fluttershy's older cousin in this universe.

Frigid Drift is a frequent character in this universe, along with many others. He often hangs out with or battles other hotblooded characters, like Hotblooded Pinkie or Drunk Celestia.

Flutterguy is also the maliest man of all mandom. Just check those flutterguybrows.

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