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The meme probably started after fans asked Pinkie and Fluttershy for a repeat from an earlier post

Juice packs are a common meme among
Art blogs that allow Asks. Generally, someone will ask for the blog's main character to be depicted with a juice pack. The standard juice pack picture consists of a pony or ponies holding a juice pack in their front hooves and sipping from it through a straw. Sometimes authors will put a spin on this, e.g. by using coffeemilk in stead of fruit juice.


Before it hit tumblr, Flutterjuice was seen in SorcerusHorserus' Dash Academy Chapter 2, Part 4, posted September 10th, 2011, where Fluttershy is seen in the background with a juicebox in the last panel. SorcerusHorserus was interviewed about her possible role in this meme as well as the tumblr phenomenon, which can be seen here.

The earliest known example on tumblr of a juice pack post occured here on Ask Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie on October 11th, 2011.

There was a now inactive tumblr called Flutterjuice dedicated to posting and reblogging pictures of Fluttershy or other ponies depicted with juice boxes.



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