Java Tales' Adventures
Java Tales' Adventures tumblr
Owner CatInTheFedora
Blog type Ask, Draw, Story
Status Inactive
Date Created September 2012
Main Character(s) Java Tales
Supporting Character(s) N/A

This page is about the Tumblr OC blog Java Tales' Adventures .

Behind the BlogEdit

This blog was stared by Kendall Boyer, who's main blog is CatInTheFedora.  Ken has been a fan of MLP since the late 80's to early 90's, in the days of My Little Pony Tales.  The origin of the blog was due to a birthday game on the My Little Brony site.  Unable to resist the challenge, he decided to create his own character and proceded to make a six part arc to show what happened.

About Java TalesEdit

Java is an earth pony, hailing from Canterlot, but has moved to Ponyville for inspiration and relaxation.  His cutie mark is a green coffee mug with a pencil in it, indicating that his talents are writing, and being a caffeine addict.  He is typically depicted weating a suit vest, collared shirt with a red tie, and glasses. Java has slight comic awareness, referring to his mod as "The 7th Wall," with is a literary device, referring to the writer or creator of a character's story, where as the audience is the 4th wall.One of his greatest aspirations is to write about Princess Luna's childhood adventures.  Java Tales has a mother and a sister, both of whom still reside in Canterlot.  His mother is a seamstress, and his sister works with animals.


So far, there has only been a few minor crossovers with Ask Soaring Heart.

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