James Hairspray
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James Hairspray tumblr
Blog type Ask, Story, Draw
Status Active
Date Created January 19th, 2012
Main Character(s) James Hairspray
Connected With Rainboom, Nurse Redheart

The James Hairspray tumblr is a tumblr that is currently following a self-centered and egotistical mane stylist named James Hairspray, the question of his gender and sexuality is up in the air, and is a common ask that the tumblr receives, as are questions about manes. James when he does an ask often does so with a snide sense of sarcasm, superiority and/or a lethargic attitude. The tumblr is a genuinely safe for work blog, with a lot of original content, and frequently updates.

Follower MilestonesEdit

Every 50 or so followers, a question is posted that asks for outfit ideas. So far they have been a cheerleader, a military uniform, Saloon Girl, and as of latest Marie Antoinette-esque attire. The next milstone will be at 300 followers and will once more open up the option to submit an outfit idea.

  1. 50 Followers update (Cheerleader)
  2. 100 Followers update (Military Uniform)
  3. 150 Followers update (Saloon Girl)
  4. 200 Followers update (Marie Antoinette)


So far, just James.

James Hairspray as already detail as a Stylist in Canterlot who works for Photo Finish. He is mostly lethargic and self-serving in life. The character is mare like in appearance and his gender seems to be challenged once in awhile.


James has down crossover things with other blogs, and sometimes includes other blogs in the background, or in some manner in his blog.

Crossovers so farEdit

Rainboom - Appears as an aide to James in one ask response.

Nurse Redheart - A minor thing with a Nurse hat.


  • James Hairspray has both made the claim of being a mare as well as claiming to be a stallion.
  • James first appeared in the Episode 'Green isn't your Color'.
  • James gets his name from a pokemon character with the same hairsyle.

The ModsEdit

The Tumblr is run by two weirdos, and they have no mod-blog between them. Both have a Skype, and are very open to feedback.

See AlsoEdit

This blog is only loosely connected with some other blogs.


Nurse Redheart


Below is a gallery that contains several images from the Tumblr.

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