Hunted Luna
Hunted Luna tumblr
Owner Poinger
Blog type First-person
Status Active
Date Created February 2013
Main Character(s) Luna


Hunted Luna is a first-person blog in which you, an otherwise nondescript male unicorn, are greeted by the charming Princess Luna on the outskirts of the Everfree Forest.

While she's fleeing for her life. From armored guards.

To best enjoy the blog, read it chronologically.

About the blogEdit

As expected in a first-person blog, you are directly interacting with Luna as a character in her world (nicknamed out-of-universe the "Point-Of-View character," or POVY for short). Luna considers most questions and suggestions asked through the blog to be spoken aloud (or interpreted into speech, where appropriate). Certain physical actions are instead carried out by you.

Luna currently follows plans and responds to inquiries around half of the time. She has declined several unwise or risky stategies in the past, but this does not guarantee any such safety in the future.

What we knowEdit

  • Luna's earliest memory is of waking up in the forest last night in front of some scary ponies who attacked her.
  • Luna is aware of her identity, but not Canterlot Castle, nor teleportation magic.
  • Luna's power is at least partly derived from the moon.
  • The era is the present day, as related to the TV show, since Fluttershy's house exists.
    • We now know the story begins on the night after Twilight's coronation. Quite why Luna is anywhere but Canterlot is now an even greater mystery...
  • Together, you possess a few meager supplies : a robe, a medicine kit, some saddlebags and some food.
  • You are a male unicorn (as decided by a popular vote). This suggests at least some magical ability on your part, and may prove useful in blending in with your female companion later.

What we don'tEdit

Next movesEdit

Curious? Want to solve the mysteries and protect the princess? Read the latest update and send in a suggestion for what to do next.

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