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Human Fluttershy Replies is a fairly obscure blog run by Odangohead which centers around the life of a humanized Fluttershy. It rarely, if ever, has OOC posts, and generally appears to have been made by Fluttershy herself. She replies in a combination of text and picture answers, and says on her blog that she will "try to answer all of (the asks)". Her answers tend to be fairly straightforward, but occasionally uses strange comparisions, such as comparing her bisexuality to a fishbowl . Aside from answering questions, Fluttershy frequently posts pictures relating to her life, and reblogs things from other blogs, similar to things an actual non-character blog would do.

Fluttershy seems to exhibit many of the traits of an Otaku, and has said to be a huge fan of anime and manga, as well as a casual video game fan. She is even shown to have worn a Kyubey shirt in one of her picures

This version of humanized Fluttershy is slender, but with curves, which works as a balance between the typical humanizations which are usually either very cury, or very thin. Her hair is also quite a bit wavier than her pony counterpart's mane. 

Not much is known about the universe she lives in, but it is implied to be a universe parallel to Equestria with few differences aside from the ponies being humanized. 

Recent posts have shown that she has a crush on Rainbow Dash. It is currently unknown whether the Flutterdash ship will become a major part of the blog's plotline, or if her attraction will remain unrecruited. 

The blog is affiliated with Human Rainbow Dash replies , Human Twinkie Pie , and Ask Human Rarijack . The first two are both by the same mod, but the last is run by Breenee

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