Help a Blue Horse wiki image
Help a Blue Horse
Blog type Instructed / Ask
Status Active
Date Created May 20th
Main Character Blue

helpabluehorse  Is a blog in the same vein of Woonastuck or Command a Pony, but the commands are made directly to the character via a laptop owned by the character.


The story begins with a blank flank stallion in a wide blue field with nothing but a laptop connecting him to the people and ponies of Tumblr, and a strange memory. Taking the name Blue from his single memory he now sets out to discover his purpose in this strange land at the guidance of the people of Tumblr.


Blue - A blank flank stallion who does not know who he is or what he is meant for. In his first moments of consciousness he finds a Laptop computer displaying commands and questions. With nothing else to go on he follows these commands in the hope that it will guide him to finding purpose. In between enacting commands or answering questions he enjoys using the laptop to watch cartoons.


Blue Memory

Blue's only memory and where he took his name from

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