Hellticket is a NSFW pony art blog curated by an artist of the same namesake. It serves mainly as an art gallery for the works of Hellticket with occasional reblogs or drawn replies. Art is mainly nonmorphic, canon My Little Pony characters with a slight emphasis on kink/fetish content, such as inflation, hypnotism, or bondage. Hellticket does take commissions, and seems to favor Spike, Discord, and Twilight Sparkle, but will draw most anything.

Hellticket the PonyEdit

The character Hellticket is a beige unicorn mare with a striped cranberry and cerulean mane and tail, with neon purple eyes. Her cutie mark is a pair of overlapped, black and gold tickets. She is slightly taller than the average unicorn, and has a bit of an appetite for dragons.

Hellticket is somewhat a hedonist, with a penchant for influence or persuasion. Her talent is an unnatural ability to coerce other ponies, or otherwise influence clarity into obfuscated decisions. If one is confused or unsure, a talk with Hellticket has the weird ability to clarify the path one would want to take. Needless to say, the manipulative mare doesn't keep her powers strictly relegated to avenues of good; when amplified by her magic, her latent ability crosses the line from "persuasion" to "hypnotism". Her hypnotism can only severely amplify already-present desires, though, not imbue new ones. She can't make anyone do anything they didn't already want to do, but she can coax out deeply-buried, repressed desires.

Hellticket also likes to pretend she's a botanist or otherwise an herbalist, but she's no good at it. Her odd concoctions rarely have the effects they intended, and are wildly unpredictable. This doesn't stop her endeavors, however.

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