Grindark Ponies
Grindark Ponies tumblr
Owner BeechSprout :: (Mod Blog)
Status Active
Date Created March 6, 2012

Grindark Ponies is a drawn ask blog that follows the unlife and times of a zombie pony of unknown origin. Contrary to what one would be likely to expect, this is not a grimdark blog. Unlife is used instead as a conduit for humor.

Also, the name is not a typo.

The CastEdit

Zombie: (Pictured in infobox) Zombie is an exceptionally intelligent (for being undead) though extremely clumsy...well, zombie. As she is mute, she communicates through body language and expressions in addition to whatever action she happens to be performing. Like a stereotypical zombie, she enjoys consuming brains, though does not necessarily need to do so. She is also a cultivator of mushrooms.

Skull: As his name implies, he is a skull. A unicorn skull, to be precise. Also unable to speak, as well as express himself directly, Skull opts to use his retained magic to write on a chalkboard. He is fond of Zombie, allowing her a great deal of liberty with his "person," despite the sometimes undignified results. Other than that, he is an enigma.


A post per day on weekdays, ideally.

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