Fluttershy Replies
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Oh, hello. I'm Fluttershy. Sorry, you probably knew that already. I didn't mean to be patronizing.
Fluttershy Replies tumblr
Owner Bobby Schroeder
Status Active
Date Created September 19, 2011
Main Character(s) Fluttershy
Supporting Character(s) Rainbow Dash
Connected With Ask Diane Pie

Fluttershy Replies is a drawn ask blog starring Fluttershy, created by Bobby Schroeder. The blog usually adheres to the canon of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Fluttershy's normal characterization, but minor deviations may be made for the sake of a gag.

When not caught up in a storyline such as the ongoing Ask Diane Pie crossover, Fluttershy Replies revolves around answers using a handful of still images, animated .GIFs, or (on rare occasion) animated videos with sound. Straighforward answers aren't nonexistent, but answers often have a tendency of dodging questions, toying with readers' expectations, or making references to other blogs and works of fiction.

Crossover StorylineEdit

While answering a normal question, a mysterious portal suddenly appeared behind Fluttershy and sucked her into a void between dimensions. There she met Diane Pie, who explained the situation to the bewildered pegasus. The two are now in the library in Diane's home universe. The main focus of the crossover has yet to be seen.

Back in Fluttershy's home universe, Pinkie Pie found a cardboard cutout version of Fluttershy sitting in front of the green screen in Fluttershy's cottage that normally serves as the backdrop for the blog. The cutout was originally used by Angel Bunny to pose for a Christmas update after a portal sucked Fluttershy into the void. Pinkie claimed that the cutout was the actual Fluttershy and that she would continue to answer questions, only to accidentally deface the cutout by drawing on it with a permanent marker. Before long, Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash came looking for Fluttershy and were baffled by Pinkie's tomfoolery. Rainbow Dash pointed out that Fluttershy has an answer queue set up, and it's implied that Pinkie Pie has turned that on.

According to the story at least, the blog is now running on stockpiled posts made by Fluttershy before the portal appeared.


It's canon.

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