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Fluffala by kittyateaperson-d6wsctq

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 Fluffala is a SFW art ask blog centered around an OC filly of the same name. Fluffala is known for her quirky naivity and naturally childish behaviour in answering questions.

 Fluffala is an orphan filly, her mother having passed away on yet unkown circumstances. She has no idea what a dad even is. She wants to be a sheep when she grows up and believes her special talent will end up being Sheepery.  

 Fluffala lives in an endless yellow void; well, at least in her imagination. In reality she lives in an orphinage in Baltimare.

The Blog So FarEdit

 The blog is still relatively new and only conists of one or two pages worth of content, with about twenty posts. Not all posts are asks, some consist of fluffala fanart and various drawings by the Mod, such as a valentines day card and a sticker design.


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