Ask Fitch
Fitch tumblr
Blog type Ask/art
Status Active
Main Character(s) Fitch

Ask Fitch is an ask/art blog explaining the life of Fitch, a pegasus mare living alone in an old village.


Fitch is a teenage pegasus mare. Soon after she was born, a meteor shower hit her village, causing her parents and the villagers to flee. She was quite well protected under a hay cart, but one hit her as she poked her head out. It left a scar on her face which cannot be seen today, as her hair covers her right eye and half her face. The meteor had also burned off most of her left ear. She grew up alone, rebuilding the village and surviving off of the remains. She matured quickly and, from living alone, has grown to be very wise and independent. She has never seen another pony or her parents in person since the Day of the Meteors. Fitch had discovered an internet source and hooked it up to a device she created, giving her access to Tumblr, where she tries to share her life. Fitch was chosen as a nickname, whereas 'Cloud Dust' is her birth name.


She seems very depressed as she replies to most questions and/or comments. Being around others just isn't her thing. Yet she acts very openly towards them.

The VillageEdit

The village is a small place hidden within the Hayseed Swamps. It was almost completely destroyed by a meteor shower many years ago. It's residents had ran off, leaving a little foal behind. The village was repaired and rebuilt by that pony, who still lives there to this day. She is noted to be the village's only resident. No one has yet discovered her there.

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