Fiddlesticks-Answers tumblr
Owner Everfree-Sea (deviantART)
Status Active
Main Character(s) Fiddlesticks and Octavia

Fiddlesticks-Answers is a drawn ask blog featuring Fiddlesticks and Octavia.

Fiddlesticks-Answers is a very recent ask blog, launched shortly after the Apple Family Reunion episode.


Fiddlesticks is portrayed as an energetic, somewhat naïve and impudent pony, contrasting Octavia's calm nature. Fiddlesticks only shown talent is her fiddle-playing skill. In the blog's canon, Fiddlesticks and Octavia are cousins on their mothers' side. Fiddlesticks' mother married an unspecified member of the Apple family, which makes Fiddlesticks a member of the Apple Family, while Octavia is not.

The Lost Hat arcEdit

In the 2013 New Year's post, Fiddlesticks and Octavia went for a hot air balloon ride to see the fireworks. In the second image, the silhouette of Fiddlesticks losing her hat can be seen. In the next post, Fiddlesticks appears to be stranded in the middle of the Everfree-Forest. It is explained that the balloon had been landed and Fiddlesticks had begun chasing her hat into the Everfree Forest, where she had eventually lost sight of the hat and her way back. As night grew closer she made a fire, drawing the attention of many Timber Wolves. She carelessly collides with a tree and falls down. Before losing consciousness she sees the silhouette of a pony with bright glowing eyes. After this she wakes up in the ponyville hospital and is greeted by Nurse Redheart.

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