My Little Pony Pegasus speedpaint09:57

My Little Pony Pegasus speedpaint

A speedpaint of the avatar of the blog

Tumblr mhwxkyHyfF1s5opvvo1 1280

The first post from the blog, showing Prophet's mismatched eyes and the burns beneath them

EverfreeProphecies is a revival of the dead blog askemosquish . It centers mainly around Emo Squish's friend, Prophet. It's run by the same artist, SassyMcSassafras though in a much different style.

About ProphetEdit

Prophet is a pegasus with her wings amputated. She always seems midly depressed, and shows symptoms similar to a pony when they become 'discorded' though this does not seem to be the actual case. Very little is actually known about her beyond the fact that her special talent is to see the future, and that she seems to be shunned for it. She lives with TriSpirit, a regular from the old blog. It is unknown whether she is still dating Hadaka. She has mismatched blue eyes and red markings beneath them that seem to be burns.

The othersEdit

Everyone from the old blog will appear again eventually, though right now it is nothing but Prophet. If you want to know more about them visit the askemosquish page linked above.

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