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Main Character(s) Everfree rat
Ask Everfree Rat or A godamn Everfree rat. is a pony related tumblr from the view point of a rat from the Everfree forest.

The tumblr is set up as an ask blog mixed with a bit of story involving an apparent earth pony by the name of Ween, who it is learned is doing the Tumblr as a documentary on the rodents of the everfree.

The rat, who as yet remains un-named, is sarcastic, crass and generally mean to everyone and shows an increased dislike for ponies.

The start of the tumblr reveals he is suffering from Mange, which is later insinuated is a curse from Zecora after his constant theft of her potions and other possessions.

Other charcters included:

Ween meets octoponywiki


; An earth pony, or appears to be one, with sharp teeth, and a carnivourus diet, punk as @#$% appearence and a generaly confused state of mind. Ween claims to be studying the Everfree's rodent populations as his excuse for beign in the forest itself.

Ween's other purpose seems to be provider and protector of the rat colony he's studying, though it seems the rats have taken advantage of this relationship in charging him heafty sums of food for his time with them, though they have admited his presence wards off many of their predators. For his part, Ween is either oblivious or uncaring about this and is content to simply be accepted in some way

Weens traits; his cutie mark is the image of a sausage with a smileyface that seems to change based on mood. it was also staited that the cutie mark wasn't real. his other abilities seems to be to change colour of his fur to blend into his surroundings.



: Another rat in the forest. Cecil never speaks but seems to be the only rat that knows how to use technology and apaprently uses it regularly. Cecil seems a bit "spaztic" with his jittery looks and his odd matching eyes, but has no real foothold in the story line.

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