Drunk Fluttershy
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Drunk Fluttershy is a mare who developed a drinking problem at a very young age. However, the more she grew up the less of a problem it seemed. She learned to live everyday life intoxicated in such a way that it doesn't seem harmful to herself.

Her cottage is in a tree just on the edges of Ponyville, but she hardly ever stays in her own home. Drunk Fluttershy usually sleeps at a friend's house. Her closest friends are Drunk Celestia and Drunky Hooves, who also live their everyday life intoxicated. They all help eachother to get by.

Drunk Fluttershy is not a great flyer, so she prefers to stay on the ground. She does not tend to her animals anymore or take care of Angel, her pet rabbit. Instead, she practices her art skills and has dreams of becoming the worlds finest drunk painter. She's very shy about her talents and tries to avoid showing anyone her works.


Drunk Fluttershy is a thin mare with a creamy yellow coat. She has long, scruffy pink hair that curls at the end. Her eyes are a sparkling turqouise that usually have heavy bags under them. Her wings are too small to allow her to fly correctly. She has long eyelashes and rosy cheeks due to her drinking problem. Her tail is long and better kept than her mane. Her cutie mark is a single, black butterfly right on her bum.

Cutie MarkEdit

Drunk Fluttershy, only Fluttershy at the time, earned her cutie mark later than most ponies. After she decided to leave Cloudsdale in search of a better home for herself due to the fact that she couldn't fly. She landed on the ground, in the outskirts of Ponyville. There, she discovered a rare butterfly migration. She became filled with awe that something so pretty that could fly prefered to stay closer to the ground. She connected with them and gained her cutie mark, a sole pink butterfly.

Df's Cutie mark

Shortly after her move to Ponyville, she met the only princess at that time, Princess Celestia. Being very young and without any parents or guardianship, Celestia was concerened and wanted to make sure the filly was alright. She checked up on Fluttershy often and even brought her gifts. One late night, Princess Celestia visited with a different kind of gift. It was to be Fluttershy's first alcoholic beverage, which changed her life forever. The filly drank more than the Princess beleived she could. Celestia bent down and told her a secret, that she was really named Drunk Celestia, and that she had begun drinking to rid herself of the stress from ruling her strange world. Drunk Celestia told filly Fluttershy that she wished to have a compainion since her sister Luna was a total nerd and her neice Cadance was a whiny skank.

After becoming completely wasted, filly Fluttershy's cutie mark turned black and Celestia knighted her Drunk Fluttershy. She's been the same ever since.

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