Double the Dinosaurs

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Drawn, Ask, Random, Story



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Feb 15 2012

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Ask Faithhoof, Ask ASCII Ponies, Ask Santalestia, Ask Fuselight, Ask Creamy White

Double the Dinosaurs is a Tumblr page about an OC Pony Pegasai named Double the Dinosaurs, and his pet Toaster, which is based around the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic television series.


DtD's Cutie Mark

Cutie Mark

The blog focuses on the random and odd life of Double the Dinosaurs, or Dino as he is most commonly called.The Blog is an Ask blog, also throwing in story elements when the Mod gets interesting questions. Some stories are being fan made, for example, the story of his cutie mark is being made by those who want to input ideas. Some other things that have been aided by followers/asks are:
  • Double the Dinosaurs is an orphan
  • Double the Dinosaurs is absent minded
  • Double the Dinosaurs cries over moldy toast
  • Double the Dinosaurs participated on the Bird Migration team for Winter Wrap up

    Toastie preparing for war

  • Double the Dinosaurs is creating a Toaster army to help Faithhoofduring her time of need.

His story and appearance is quite new, but he is surely making his name known as he does his odd and amusing activities to make sure Ponyville stays all but ordinary...

Guest AppearancesEdit

When Double the Dinosaurs questioned ASCII Ponies how they toast, a picture response was made where it showed Double the Dinosaurs in ASCII format, jumping out of a toaster.

When Double the Dinosaurs began to follow Creamy White He was drawn in the portrayal as the Father from Invader Zim, creating Toast. Double the Dinosaurs re-blogged with quite the expression of awe.

When Santalestia was in need of an assistant for delivering gifts, Double the Dinosaurs stepped up. Little did he know it was actually for the blog of Pinkamina Diane Pie. While most believed Double the Dinosaurs to be done for, he ended up walking out her front door after successfuly delivering the Toaster present to his new friend. No one knows what really happened, or how Double the Dinosaurs was actually able to live...

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