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Blog type Ask
Status Active
Date Created October 2012
Main Character(s) Doodle Kit
Supporting Character(s) Sunstorm (Doodle's Girlfriend), Chocolate Chip (Doodle's Friend), Zap McVolts (Doodle's "Friend"), Broccoli (Enemy)

Main summary of the blogEdit

This blog is about a timid, teenaged pegisis that is trying to get through life. The blog takes place in Ponyville. Doodle lives with her girlfriend, Sunstorm. You offten see the pegisis answer questions in front of a colorful background, or white background. Doodle wears a scarf, given by her mother, and glasses.

Doodle has no real family, she is waiting to become adopted, or atleast have a family of her own someday.


Doodle is a purple pegisis that is shorter than most mares. She wears a blue scarf with black glasses. She has green eyes. Doodle has a blue tounge; with no explanation. Her cutiemark is two pencils crossing eachother, drawing a heart; to represent her way of drawing vent art (Art about her feelings.). She has A brown, curly short mane, with blond highlights.

What the blog acceptsEdit

This is a PG-13 blog; Sexual themes, drug and alcohol use, gore ,and depressing themes may be present.

This blog accepts slightly NSFW questions. But, the mod will not have NSFW pictures, however. The blog accepts shipping questions. (Sense the mod has many ships already, why not add more!)



Reference of Doodle

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