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Doctor Whooves Sings , or The Singing Doctor, is a Doctor Whooves Ask/Story blog Started on February 5th, 2013. It floated vaguely, with one or two reblogs and a few Logo image posts for a while, but finally kicked off with it's first real drawn answer post on April 25th, over 2 months after it's creation. This is because the blog's Mod, ChatookaMusicMod /DoctorWhoovesSings , getting past some real life problems and finally finding time to start the blog. The art quality started off somewhat rough, but quickly improved when the mod decided taking more time instead of quick drawing was worth the quality. Posts aren't very frequent, but they are fairly consistent, each being about a week apart. Though there are many Doctor Whooves blogs, this one does something a little unique. As the name would imply, this Doctor sings. Song requests can be sent in via submission or ask and are more often than not fulfilled. Chatooka Music does everything for the blog itself, which includes the art, script, and vocals. 

Stolen in SpringEdit

In early may, an announcement was blog about a plan to make a Singing Doctor Audio Play. The initial plan was for it to be a short about the Doctor meeting Pinkie Pie for the first time. It was supposed to be released at 100 followers, or 50 if it was finished in time. Soon after that, an announcement was made about it becoming much bigger of a project than expected, and a preview of the audio play was to be released at 50 followers. On May 21st the preview was released, with the blog sitting at 52 followers. The preview of the play, titled "Stolen in Spring", featured ViralShift as Pinkie Pie, and BelAmourable as Bel Amour, a fan character companion of the Doctor. It had a slow reception, which picked up when it was reblogged by PinkiePieDreamer, aka Hannah K, shortly after she and Wollffeey agreed to play Vinyl Scratch and Octavia in the play. The project is still very young at this point. 

The Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Story ArkEdit

A small story ark was started when a user asked if Vinyl or Octavia were the Doctor's companions. This story ark is

DocTavia Snuggles

in 3 parts, with part 3 yet to be submitted. So far this ark has established a past romantic relationship between the Doctor and Octavia, and that Octavia gave him his favorite blue bow-tie. 

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