Doctor Whooves, Neighce Attorney
Objection Whooves
Doctor Whooves, Neighce Attorney tumblr
Blog type Ask blog
Status Active

Doctor Whooves, Neighce Attorney is a crossover blog with the "Ace Attorney" series, and an ask blog where people can ask questions to an alternate universe Doctor Whooves, who is the best defence attorney in all of Equestria. Its name is a play on words with the onomatopoeia "Neigh" and the "Ace Attorney" series.

Questions are usually answered with "Ace Attorney" style Game screenshots, Showing The Doctor with a dialogue box, along with any other ponies the question might pertain as witnesses or as the prosecution. However, there are some instances where questions are answered with independant drawings.

In relation to canon, this Doctor is assumed to be able to freely travel through all places and times of both the "Ace Attorney" universe and the "My Little Pony: Friendship is magic" universe, and as such is able to interact with any and all characters from both universes.

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