Doctor Strangeling's Manehattan Project
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Doctor Strangeling's Manehattan Project tumblr
Owner Firehazard14
Blog type Instructed
Status Active
Date Created January 14, 2013
Main Character(s) Doctor Entomon "Strangeling"
Supporting Character(s) Cherry the parasprite
Connected With Doctor Strangeling's Strategic Tumblr Initiative (secondary collab/fan page)

 Doctor Strangeling's Manehattan Project (a.k.a. Doctor Strangeling, Drstrangeling, or Manehattan Project) is an instruction-based adventure blog that follows a changeling  named Doctor Entomon, or Ento for short. As of now, we know very little about our main protagonist except that he is a changeling with many physical alterations (hence the nickname "'Strangeling"), he has "doctorates and mater's degrees in many sciences", and that he has somehow become trapped in an underground facility.

Armed with a sharp wit, a toolbox full of goodies, and an infinite supply of user input, Ento must make his way out of the facility by whatever means available. His toolbox allows him to build any number of items to aid in his escape...provided he has the correct materials, of course. Three miles below the surface, Ento and the readers must work together to search for the elusive exit and to discover the secrets hidden within the chambers of the "abandoned" facility.



The main insignia of the blog. Who knows what it might represent

So far, the only invention used by Doctor Strangeling is a Scrap Hacksaw.


Doctor Strangeling is, of course, a changeling and can therefore shapeshift at will into any object of equal or approximate size. However, actions such as these use up energy in the form of either Stamina or Rage. He also seems to be able to regenerate Health (in the form of hearts) by accepting friendship from other creatures. Though Doctor Strangeling appears to have no wings, it is unclear whether or not he can fly. The horn on his head has never been seen in use.


Doctor "Strangeling" as he appears on the cover of Strategic Tumblr Initiative.


Most panels are done in flat color except for certain background features.

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