Dinky the Time Traveler
Dinky the time traveler mini
Dinky the Time Traveler tumblr
Owner Usagi-Zakura
Blog type Ask
Status Active
Date Created May 4. 2013
Main Character(s) Dinky Doo
Connected With Ask Mister Clever

The daughter of Doctor Whooves has some adventures of her own. 

Dinky the Time Traveller (or Time Traveller Dinky) is an ask-driven drawn blog surrounding the titular pony's grand travels and adventures thoughout space and time!

Or rather it would be, if she could only understand this manual for the TARDIS...


Dinky was a student at the Time Pony Academy when the Time War broke out.

Not wanting to take part in the war, she followed in her father's hoofsteps and stole a TARDIS.

She was left floating on her own out in space, not knowing how to get back to Equestria or Gallopfrey.

Then Jenny's spacecraft crashed into her TARDIS, and Jenny became her companion. 

She is currently resting at home in Ponyville with Jenny.


Dinky Doo

The half time pony daughter of the Doctor and Derpy Hooves. Dinky came to Gallopfrey with a dream of one day seeing the universe. She got her wish, an Type 75 C TARDIS. Right now, she is resting at home with Jenny.

Shooting Star
Dinky's tardis

Shooting Star

Dinky's TARDIS. Slightly newer than the Doctor's although it has a rather inferior swimming pool. Dinky decided to name her Shooting Star, mostly because her prefered form is a space ship. It is capable of shrinking into a small necklace with a star pendant, when not occupied.

Mystery pony


From the Doctor Who Episode The Doctor's Daughter.

Jenny comes from the planet Messaline, where she was cloned from the Doctor to take part in a war that had lasted for countless generation.

After the war she decided to take of into space to explore but ended up crashing into Dinky's TARDIS. She became Dinky's companion, to join her in her adventures. She also has a cyberpony hoof gun.

Mister Clever

The Main character of
Cybermatt 2

Mister Clever

Mister Clever is the Doctor, taken over by a Cyber-Planner from the Doctor Who Episode Nightmare in Silver.

He's the only survivor of the cyberpony-army he used to lead and now seeks to increase his ranks. He's also the first and so far only Time Pony to be turned into a cyberman. Being a Time Pony however he can't be fully converted, as the process would trigger a regeneration. Instead he's created a makeshift armor for himself.

Mister Clever has met Dinky and Jenny once before, on a griffin planet. There he revealed to Dinky the truth about her birth. 


Dinky's sister.

Sparkler inherited different genes from her father than Dinky, so she is more or less a normal Equestrian unicorn. She has met Clever once near Ponyville. She is currently a converted cyberpony, unknown to her family and friends. It is unknown if it is a full or partial conversion.

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