Dinky Draws
Dinky Draws tumblr
Owner Bibliodragon
Blog type Ask/Drawn
Status Active
Date Created November 2012
Main Character(s) Dinky Hooves
Supporting Character(s) Derpy Hooves, Doctor Hooves


Dinky Draws is a drawn ask blog by Dinky Hooves (though helped by  Bibliodragon). As it is drawn by Dinky the art is a simplified, child's style and subjects somewhat random.


Dinky HoovesEdit

Dinky Hooves is a young unicorn and the daughter of Derpy Hooves who likes drawing so much she made her own Ask Blog, though Derpy and the Doctor are both shown to help her with the technical aspects (to varying degrees of success.) She loves drawing, though doesn't believe it is her special talent as she hasn't tried enough other things yet like the Cutie Mark Crusaders, who she greatly admires.

Derpy HoovesEdit

Dinky's mother.

Doctor HoovesEdit

Friend of the family.


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