A dead account is a type of tumblr account in which an account has its posts completely erased or renamed to something unrelated with random advertisement entries.

Actual real life deceased people that have accounts online apply to this subject as well.

Pony-related accounts please! The dead accounts of every subject page are coming soon on Tumblr wiki.

Q&A Edit

So, what happened to that account? Edit

If the original account owner has a phone number, call them on your phone and tell them what happened to that account (But if you don't have a phone, use one near you from outside instead or tell permission to your parents if they have a phone that you can use.)

Dead account list Edit

PLEASE NOTE: When adding a dead account to the list, only add accounts that (as said above) are pony related; have its posts completely erased, renamed to something unrelated with random advertisement entries or originally run by a real life deceased person.

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