Ask Dark Matter
Dark Matter tumblr
Owner Lord Dark Matter
Blog type Ask/Art
Status Active
Main Character(s) Dark Matter, Enoh, CyPo

 Ask Dark Matter is an ask/art blog primarily surrounding the life of Dark Matter, an alicorn formed through mysterious circumstances following the defeat of Nightmare Moon by the Elements of Harmony.


Dark Matter Harmony Form

Dark Matter In Harmony Form

Dark Matter is what as known as an elemental alicorn. He was somehow created by some of the remaining magic from Nightmare Moon's damaged armor after her defeat; an unknown number of elemental alicorns were also formed throughout Equestria. Dark and the other few known elemental alicorns do not know the exact cause for their creation. Their theories are that it might have been some sort of resurrection spell that failed (most unlikely), it could have been the evil in her magic that persisted, or it could have just been the magic taking form to create them after reacting to the Elements of Harmony.

Dark Matter is 3 years old, but his mind and body are both mature. At the moment he lives in Blackstone Castle, one of the largest structures in Equestria. Only a small part of it is above ground, and even that is well hidden in the Everfree Forest, and concealed with a very powerful perception filter. Most of the castle is underground, expanding a few miles in each direction some 5 miles beneath the surface. The further down in the depths of the castle one goes, the more machines, magical objects, supernatural objects, and weapons there are, and the more restricted they become to castle staff. Most of the items can never be used by anyone of Equestria, and many are from distant futures of different universes, planets, and dimensions.

Element FormsEdit

Dark Matter has two Element Forms, twice as many as the other Elemental Alicorns which only have one each. One element form is his harmony form, which he got from the Elements of Harmony. He also has a Dark Energy form, although how he received it is unknown. Though the most likely reason that he had recieved it was from Nightmare Moon directly.

Nightmare FormEdit

Dark Matter has only one Nightmare Form like the rest of the elemental alicorns, they all having received it from the power of Nightmare Moon. This form is evil, uncontrollable and unstable. This form can cause extreme danger to anypony near an alicorn using it. The form causes the alicorn that is using it to have a strong urge to want to  and defeat Celestia. They can also recieve a large boost of extra elemental energy, and will try to stop the moon's movement. Their weaknesses are being in direct sunlight, being within a 10 foot proximity of Princess Luna, and being within a 50 foot proximity of any of the Mane 6 or their elements, but if the elements are able to get within 5 feet of an elemental alicorn that is under the effect of their Nightmare Form, The will begin to weaken at a fast rate and revert to normal.

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