Dan-Vs-FIM tumblr
Owner MixerMike :: (Mod Blog)
Status Inactive
Date Created December 21, 2011
Main Character(s) Dan, Twilight Sparkle
Supporting Character(s) The Mane 6, Spike, Fluffle Puff

Dan-Vs-FIM is a story driven blog that follows the character of Dan from Dan. Vs as he tries to cope with living as Twilight Sparkle's roommate after being kicked through a portal by Elise. While in Ponyville, he dissagrees with many of the customs and doesn't believe in magic, calling Twilight's house "rigged with an elaborite system of magnets and strings." He and Pinkie Pie share a relationship, evidenced when he recalls Pinkie 'Bedazzling' his car in a Hub promo, but they seem to have a professional relationship since Pinkie gives supplies for Dan's pranks on a regular basis.

Several running gags include Dan having Fluffle Puff as his ally. Other than that, he just goes around doing lazy havoc, one example being dressing up as Batman and envisioning Pinkie as The Joker and Twilight as Harley Quinn(evidenced by Dan calling her "she-clown"). That's Dan in a nutshell.

Dan has different names for the individual characters the list is displayed here:

Twilight Sparkle: Twilight Chris (or "New Chris, as she is mentioned as in the first episodes)

Rainbow Dash: I Hate You

Applejack: Orange Applehat

Pinkie Pie: Shut Up

Rarity: Fussy Rude

Fluttershy: Who Are You?

Princess Celestia: Princess Salestia

Spike: Football

Fluffle Puff: Mobile Pillow

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