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Ctenophorae is a (now former) species of goo pony. She currently has a job as a receptionist and part-time worker at RainbowTentacle Adult Entertainment, which is a pornography studio that specialises in Shokushu Goukun (Japanese Tentacle porn). She was created by a DeviantArt User by the name of Slugbox.

Ctenophorae (Often referred to simply as 'Miss Cteno') is approximately 1 year of age, But has the mental capacity of a 24 year old pony. She is 6.9 feet tall and weighs 240 Lbs. It is worth noting that her measurements may vary due to her body fluidity, but in her blog posts she is always depicted as being flat-chested.

Ctenophorae has a skeleton similar to that of a bipedal horse with carnivorous teeth, but no flesh or organs of which to speak. She also lacks a lower jaw, and in x-rays it is revealed that her large eyes do not fit inside her skull sockets. As stated earlier, Cteno instead is coated by a mass of slimy, gelatinous goo which dissolves in water and faintly glows when in dark environments. Said goo is also prone to freezing, and changing shape rapidly.  It's main purpose is to help her digest organic material, though it has a hard time coping with synthetic foods. Her colouring is mostly sky blue, with bright yellow eyes, hot pink hair, and similar pink markings all over her body, most notably on her ears (which resemble tentacles), the ends of her 'hooves', the end of her tail and around the center base of her pelvis. However, it is worth noting that her colourings may vary, especially with her energy levels in early morning hours, suggesting that she changes colour in her sleep. Ctenophoraes cutie mark resembles a five pointed pentagram, minus the circle, and is pink in colour.

Technically she could be considered an earth pony, but her body fluidity and otherwordly characteristics could classify her as a completely different species altogether. Slugbox himself has stated that Ctenophorae is no longer a pony, and rather a creature of his own creation. At one stage before Cteno became her own 'microwave-made creature' another TumblR pony by the name of 'Surprise' crafted wings out of some of her flesh, temporarily transforming her into a pegasus. However, her first attempt at flight was met with failure, and Cteno lost her wings.

Ctenophorae is in an unconformed homosexual relationship with a one-eyed anthropomorphic bird creature known as Xingo, and is heavily involved with an alien dragon girl called Aishiji. Her coworkers include the mysterious Anurae, the boss of RainbowTentacle Studios, The twin cat-girls Nellko and Ragamuffin 'Blackriver' Agogo, and a red-skinned, black-haired Succupi that speaks Russian. She also interacts with other 'TumblRverse' characters, such as Karoo and Stripey.

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