Command a Pony tumblr
Owner Input-Command [1]
Blog type Instructed / Ask
Status Active
Date Created April 2012
Main Character(s) Input, Cascade

Command-a-pony is a Homestuck-style instruction/ask blog, in which a generic earth pony by the name of Input and a bat-pegasus named Cascade are guided by viewers to adventure or whatever else awaits them.


Due to an original lack of artistic skills, Input usually lacks a mane and lives in a vast, mostly empty wilderness. After a mysterious bat pony (Cascade) falls out of a tree and takes something that belongs to Input, he goes on a quest to retrieve his posession. The viewpoint often switches between the characters.


Input - White clydesdale. No mane. Known to have an overactive imagination at times.

Cascade - Bat Pony. Swears she used to be a unicorn. Memories of her past are conflicting and fuzzy.

Flawless - A changeling with no ability to control his transformations.

Cutie Mark/Special TalentEdit

Both Input and Cascade lack cutiemarks at this point.

Interblog LinksEdit

This blog is part of Input-Command's Hollow Shades universe with,, and


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