Changeling Angel Grace
Changeling Angel Grace tumblr
Owner angelgracemod
Blog type Realistic, Roleplay, Changeling
Status Active, Changeling
Date Created October 29, 2011
Main Character(s) Angel Grace
Connected With [AU] Angel Grace, Queen Chrysalis (rps), Azure Sprinkle, Selena (pinkiespet)

[ch]Angel Grace is an Original Content pony who started out as a shy pegasi in her first days/months on Tumblr, and has developed into a changeling. Original color schema was white with green hair.

As a changeling, this Angel Grace currently is working as an assistant to another sub-ruler of the hive of changeling, who would be considered as a commander or general of a sort. She is still easing into the hive's lifestyle and isn't entirely able in means of being a changeling.

She, too, has been targeted by Azure Sprinkle, who has succeeded in temporarily making her submit. She is a mostly submissive pon, and requires little in the way of coercion. If anything, she keeps an outwardly tough exterior but is easily overwhelmed by those who are stronger than her. She knows her place.

Lacking complete information. Entry requires work.

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