Cecilia Ragewing is the younger sister of Auroran Ragewing. Cecilia grew up with her parents and older brother in Downtown Manehatten, in a large third floor studio apartment on the corner of Mane St. The fourth floor of the building was a large studio reserved exclusively for the Ragewing family. The studio was often used by Auroran's father, a prominent sculptor for the high class of Canterlot, but has been rumored to have been used a few times by his children to host several illegal raves.

Rebellious from a young age, her special talent is music and throwing huge parties, often choosing to DJ her own music, and employing her brother for his expertise as a lighting technician.

Together, the duo, under the street name Daft Pony, preformed several illegal raves, both in their family studio and at several abandoned warehouses across Manehatten. The raves attracted many of the city's rebellious youth, and many other ponies from across Equestria. Although Auroran now lives a quieter life of a Trainee Wonderbolt, his sister now travels across Equestria, playing her music professionally at many large events, including GlastonBree.

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