Clsong gift - Copy

A Gift From Candlelight-Song to Candlelight, fo rthe Mod's birthday.

Candle starts out on Tumblr in the beginning of Feburary, being a most unique character. She was almost entirely blind, only able to tell what things were so as long as they contained bright colors. Her brother, Nightlight, had become her caretaker since their mom’s passing and their dad’s relocation at work. Candle had first grown up on a farm with her brother, mother, and uncle (whom which has yet to be named). Nightlight had left the farm after Candle was 3 because he wanted to go out and make a living, by himself, it wasn’t until 2 years later, when his mom died, that he rushed back home. Their uncle, old and ill, could not take care of Candle, so, Nightlight took her with him. At this point, they moved from town to town, Nightlight finding work wherever her could. 11-12 years after the death of their mom, they made their way to ponyville, finding permanent residence.

Candle was shy around all of the ponies around her, but once they became friends, she wouldn’t stop chatting with them. More notably the friends she spent the most time with were Frost , Noir , and Aurora . Frost, being her first friend, brought her around the town, describing things for her. Frost quickly became her best friend. Noir, meeting her later on, perhaps about 5 days after she moved into ponyville. He offered to take her out to dinner, which she happily obliged. It was afterwards that she asked him if this was a date, because she had never been on one, and thought it was one. Noir happily told her it was, which sparked a fire in Candle, she fell in love with him. After a few…mishaps… with Lemon Tarts , Candle learned about intercourse and had major sexs with friggin everypony ever in existance.  Noir walked in on them and Candle asked for him to join in. Lemon had left quite quickly as Noir took Candle’s virginity, and impregnating her. A few weeks later, he felt obliged to marry her for what he did to her, and so they did. A week later (due to anons magicing the date closer), Candle had her first filly Starlight . Candle was ambushed in the hospital by a Templar pony under the control of Crunchy Scales to kill Candle and eat her baby. Candle lost a hoof and now has a prosthetic one. A few weeks later (again, due to anons wanting to see sex and babies) Noir impregnated her again. Not much later (ANONS) , she had her new colt Skylight . Currently, they live together happily in a nice house in town.

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