Butterscotch is the R63 of Fluttershy, 

he comes from a parallel world where everyones gender is swapped

his best friend is Starbuck.

butters is a fencebucker, leaning coltcuddler

he can be seen crossdressing when he can.

One of the users of the LAAAAAAZY EEEEYYEEEEE.

some other people who are known to appear is

  1. The Mod Kryxel. a humanoid with brown hair, outlined in red. he uses a katana as his favored weapon of choice. usually dressed in dark clothes.
  2. Loluna. the Troll version of Luna. she is a older askblog of kryxels that died out due to a little less conversation a little more action. she appears when she is needed and uses her patented poison joak confetti cannon to cause random or specific pranks on others.  

Friends Edit

  • starbuck: one of NMM's guards and the maker of the finest sunglasses this side of the everfree.
  • mindset and tinker: although they live far away butters has kept in somewhat constant contact with these two great penpals, butters even dressed up like mindset for nightmare night one year 

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