A typical brushie attack, here carried out on Ask Original Twilight

Brushie, or brushie brushie brushie! is a widespread meme and atemporal event, generally initiated by Colgate Answers sending a target blog a threat, demand, request, or otherwise entertaining indication targeting them for a good old-fashioned mane-brushing or "brushie". Colgate is always, without exception, keen on the idea. VERY keen.

In general, pages respond with an image of Colgate brushing their blog's character or characters, which is then reblogged by Colgate herself. These classically go on the main Colgate Answers page, but to avoid excessive story interruption, they are now archived to the "My Little Brushie Brushie" blog after a few days.

Variations of BRUSHIEEdit

Depending on the willingness of the target, the BRUSHIE can be very pleasurable, mildly uncomfortable, or a nightmare. Regardless of her target's feelings on the matter, Colgate will pursue her victim until he or she is brushie'd to her satisfaction, regardless of the physical or temporal possibility of doing so. None escape.

Colgate always wields some form of brush (obviously), with her two most common weapons being standard-sized horse brushes and small human toothbrushes. These are generally either levitated with Colgate's magic, or just held in her mouth; Colgate has yet to demonstrate Octavia's hoof-holding technique in any of her brushies.

The blue pony has been known to yell several variations of the words "BRUSHIE BRUSHIE BRUSHIE!" during these attacks. Police are currently unsure as to the reason.

Known recipients of BRUSHIEEdit


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